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Colored Theatre Lights


BUCHAREST PLAYHOUSE provides its students opportunities designed to give them the opportunity to present their technique and skills gained during training.

The end of the Intermediate module has scheduled a closed showcase in front of actors, directors and casting directors from the Romanian theatre, film and television industry.

The arrival of summer brings to the end of the Advanced module a show that will be played in one of the professional theaters, for a week, with the public, with performances every day, as it happens in the London West End or on Broadway. Like the showcases, these shows will have industry professionals among their guests who can influence the future of BPH actors. Students will also receive a percentage of ticket sales.

The actors from the Professionals module will have the opportunity to conceive, write and produce short films, edited within the school that will be presented in a cinema at the BPH Autumn Filmcase.

All these events will give students the chance to get the attention of casting directors and Romanian theater and film directors.

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