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Bucharest Playhouse is an organization dedicated to enriching the Romanian landscape and cultural life. Our mission is to train professional, well-trained and highly competitive actors by bringing together the training methods, philosophies and rigor of the profile schools in the United States and the United Kingdom, the two major international film and theater markets.

Believing in the belief that artistic development is equal to personal development, we will take care to bring the student a curriculum that will push him to exceed his own limits, physical, intellectual and creative, while discovering values that he can use and in free time in interpersonal relationships in personal or professional life. All this is delivered in a part-time program, only two days a week, which allows the student to remain financially independent while following his dreams.

Our long-term plan is to create a part-time educational center with its own performance hall, both aligned to the standards of the modern world, always oriented towards new techniques, philosophies and artistic currents that are developing in the country and abroad.

Bucharest Playhouse is structured by classes, quarters and levels. Each term takes place during the 12 weeks of study of 2 days / seven hands, 3 hours / day. The curriculum offered to students is thought to be on the one hand different from module to module, term and level, and on the other hand to deepen and develop the knowledge accumulated in the previous module.

This school was founded by Costin Cambir, currently the dean of the institution. She graduated from two theater faculties in Romania, studied at Ivana Chubbuck's studio in Los Angeles, then in London at the Identity School of Acting. Following these experiences, the idea of a training center inspired by Western theatrical schools of thought was born.

By training the actor, we develop the person!


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