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Bucharest Playhouse is organizing on December 10-11 auditions for the Spring Term 2023, which will take place in the months of January - April 2023. The minimum age to register for auditions for Adult Groups is 18 years. The minimum age for registration in the Adolescent Groups is 15 years.

Our objective is to offer you a place in a team that wants as much as you to develop you and help you take full advantage of the curriculum that we make available.

Classes for adults will take place two days a week, between 19-22 hours, Monday - Friday and 12-15, Saturday-Sunday. We will offer you the chance to learn the secrets of the actors' art through methods practiced in the renowned theater education centers in the West, whose courses our teachers have graduated from.

Bucharest Romania


Once admitted, we provide you with a program that will incite your curiosity, passion and determination to fight in the entertainment industry. Being always trained to the maximum potential, we guarantee you the satisfaction of crossing the Bucharest Playhouse threshold.

The auditions will take place for two hours in the open course system. You must show up in exercise equipment at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, without preparing anything beforehand. The first hour will be physical work, then you will receive a text that you will work with a partner. We need you as you are, whether you have experience or not.

To register for the auditions, you must fill out the form above. Within a few days of the event, you will be notified by e-mail of the result of the pre-selection. In case you will be declared admitted, you will have to confirm your place and pay at least the first installment of schooling until a date that we will announce soon.


Acting courses at another level!

Terms of 2023

Spring Term:

January 11 - April 2.


Summer Term:

April 26 - July 23


Winter Term:

September 13 - December 12









Introductory Group


Intermediate Group


Advanced Group


Professional Group




For any questions related to the structure of the school, admission and other information contact us at

We are waiting for you!

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