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Bucharest Playhouse is a modular drama school. Each academic year is divided into three quarters of 12 weeks each. The Spring (January - April) - suspended in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic - the Summer (April - July) and the Winter (September - December). Each week there will be courses 2 days a week of 3 hours each. In the middle of each quarter there will be a week off.


To ensure that each student receives the time and attention needed to be helped to develop, Bucharest Playhouse will keep the number of students at 12 in each group.


During the 12 weeks of the course the student will study 2-4 different disciplines, which he will learn before the first day of the course. Our goal is to provide a program as varied as possible, so that two groups of the same level in consecutive quarters do not have the same disciplines or programs. Disciplines include: Scene Analysis, Stage Movement, Film Acting, Strasberg Technique, Hagen Technique, Commedia dell'Arte, etc. See Curriculum for the disciplines of 2021. BPH students will also have the chance to participate in exclusive workshops offered to a limited number of candidates selected following a "first come, first served" process. See RSVP Workshops for more details.


Students admitted after the auditions will be automatically assigned to the Introductory group . Here, for 12 weeks, they will be taught the BPH philosophy and the basics of the study of dramatic art. Awareness of the relationship with an artistic group, understanding of verbal and non-verbal story, physical and mental actions and the first steps will be taken in understanding the unfolding of the stage text. At the end of the Introductory Group, as a consequence of the path shown in the working weeks, of the progress and of a duologist presented at the end of the module, the students will be assigned to one of the superior groups: In termediari , Av ansati and Profesionisti. See the Scoring System for more information. Depending on the level, the student will receive a new curriculum with the beginning of each module that will include other 2-4 work disciplines. There is no limit to repeating one module until you advance to the next. Following each module, students will be able to present their evolution, depending on the level, to the school, to the guests from the industry or to the paying public, in theater or cinema. See Showcase. Show. Short film. for more details.



Once in the Professionals group, students can stay in school indefinitely, continuing to train under the Bucharest Playhouse dome, training and maintaining themselves in a form that allows them to be at the highest level before a casting, between two shows or whenever they want to work on a new short film.

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