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Our school combines the rigor of English theater with the creative ease specific to the American method and the inimitable spirit of the Romanian people. We focus on discovering the hidden expression in the personality of each individual, confronting the problems of the Romanian society of this era, through theater, film and creativity. By telling stories.

"The idea of this school came in response to the need we saw in Romania to have a training base aligned to Western standards, modern, with a clear mission, rigorously applied. That of training actors according to "outside" methods, in a part-time regime, which would allow anyone to be financially independent, while allowing themselves to explore their creative potential, proudly crossing the threshold of an institution that respect, respect, and respect the craft for which he opened his gates. This system has been operating in the West for decades. Why wouldn't he go to us too? That's what I want to have. A school like outside! ”

Costin Cambir

Costin Cambir is the founder of the Bucharest Playhouse school and cultural organisation. He studied acting in Bucharest, Los Angeles and London. He has two BAs in the Art of Acting, graduating in 2008 from Spiru Haret University in the Sanda Manu class, then in 2009 UNATC Bucharest in the Doru Ana class, attending both faculties in the same time. He starred in over 200 episodes in Romanian TV series, including in the successful productions A Bet with Life and House Arrest. For 8 years he was a full-time employed actor of the Targoviste theatre where he went on stage to perform in dozens of shows. In 2015, he represented Romania as a leading actor at the Sundance International Film Festival in the USA. Following on the American experience, he went to study in LA at Ivana Chubbuck's Acting Studio, the famous acting teacher who mentored Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Silvester Stallone and

many others. He was later admitted to the Identity School of Acting in London, the UK's most prestigious part-time acting school, where he spent two years under the guidance of top English theater teachers.



Participating members of the workshop "via LA, through London"

We thank all those who believe in this project and have helped us over time in the most useful ways.

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